mardi, février 24, 2009

My furry roommate

Remember back in the fall, when I saw a mouse in my kitchen and finally decided to buy a mousetrap? [LINK] Well, the mouse mysteriously stopped showing up as soon as I brought the mousetrap home, so I cleaned my kitchen of any edible items and called a unilateral truce.

Then, tonight, he scuttled across my kitchen floor. Again. With all the lights on, in the early evening. He didn’t even have the decency to lurk about in the dark.

And so here I am, preparing the mousetrap again. I have no cheese left in my fridge, so I attached a bit of red cabbage to the trap, as if that’s going to work.

2 commentaires:

Humingway a dit…

I couldn't suppress a giggle at your halfhearted attempt to bait the trap with red cabbage. (And in response, Lauren, who's trying to study, gave me the stink eye.) It's going to be so sad if/when you finally have to kill the little dude.

Sharon a dit…

I think I read "somewhere" that peanut butter works, or perhaps another nut butter? You could keep him and train him to blog...?