dimanche, février 22, 2009

The Four-Night Weekend, Part 4: The Postponed Date

Well, today was short but not entirely quiet. Since I had returned home at about 10h00 in the morning, I let myself sleep into the early afternoon (15h00) and then got up and went about blogging my little heart out. I managed to catch up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so I was doing pretty well. I also took care of a few bits of school-related housekeeping and then set about making some parsley-flavored rice and roast fish. Tasty! I roasted all three of the fish, since they were beginning to get old. I only ate one, and I put the other two in the fridge, thinking I might make some sort of fish salad out of them tomorrow.

I got a call from the guy that I met on Thursday (with whom I was supposed to have a hot date last night, but it didn’t work out) and he invited me over to his place for some drinks. We ended up staying up really late chatting and such, so I crashed at his place, thinking foolishly that I would wake up early enough to swing by home before going to work.

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