mardi, septembre 04, 2007

Longing for Boulangeries

Setting: In the Flourish Bakery on Bryn Mawr

Bakery Clerk: Hi, can I help you?

Luis: Hi, how fresh are those baguettes?

BK: They're fresh.

LMGM: Um, OK. I'll take one. And one of the cupcakes with green frosting.

BK: That'll be $3.00

LMGM: Really?! Jeez. By the way, do you guys bake an afternoon batch?

BK: Huh?

LMGM: Do you bake bread more than once a day? In the afternoon, so that you have fresh bread for dinner?

BK: We bake our bread fresh everyday.

LMGM: *silence*

BK: Actually, we bake it the night before, so that it's fresh every morning.

LMGM: *sigh*