samedi, mars 14, 2009

You Have To Dance by Nôze, remixed by Mathias Kaden and Lee Jones

Apparently, the Mathias Kaden remix of Nôze's "You Have to Dance" is the top-charted track for February on Resident Advisor; that is, of all the DJ charts posted in February on that site, this track was charted the most. Although the original track isn't quite dancefloor dynamite, the Mathias Kaden remix is certainly golden. Also on the release are an acapella version also by Mathias Kaden that could be useful for bridging between two other tracks, and a more dubby and downtempo remix by Lee Jones. Here's the whole release from Beatport, so that you can hear a bit from each one. The track was released on Get Physical Music, which was also the top-charted label for February.

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