lundi, mars 09, 2009

The Solemn March Home

Well, thanks to the fact that I actually got to bed at a “decent” hour last night (despite the lack of sleep the night before), I popped out of bed at about 10h00 this morning. I spent a bit of time preparing my blog notes and putting my stuff together in preparation for my flight this evening, and then got a message from Fantômette, saying that she was going out for breakfast. I headed out to join her, although a took a detour at a couple of stores on the way over. The night before, I had washed my new jeans in Florian’s washing machine, and the vibration from the spin cycle sent one of his glasses crashing into the kitchen sink. Thankfully, I managed to secure the rest of his kitchenware before there was any more damage, but I still felt bad about the glass. So off I went today to pick up a kitschy and set of replacements. Florian reads this blog, so I’m not going to tell you what I got him. It’s a surprise!

Anyway, Fantômette had some trouble finding the original breakfast spot she had wanted to go to in Kreuzberg, but she eventually ended up in a little lunch nook on Schlesisches Straße, near where the Watergate club is located. The food was decent, although my lunch item took ages to prepare. I had a baguette smeared with chives and cheese, but I could tell that the baguette had been pulled out of the freezer and cooked at the last minute. I mean, there are bakeries all over the place here. You can’t just walk down the street and buy a baguette or something similar?

Anyway, after our meal I left Fantômette to wander Kreuzberg and I headed back to Florian’s place to clean up, do the dishes, pack my bags and head out. We had a date with Janine for a coffee after her work and before our flight (Fantômette was on the same flight as I). The coffee was great and it was wonderful to spend a bit more time with Janine (who complained that I didn’t spend enough time with her on Sunday), but we took a bit too long to get back from the café and we nearly missed our train to the airport. Thankfully, Janine managed to sweet-talk our way to the front of the line at the Deutsche-Bahn ticket office.

The check-in desks for EasyJet at the airport were a mess (again), but we eventually got checked in and headed down to our gate. The trip back was uneventful, although we were both feeling pretty groggy after the athletic weekend we had just lived through.

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