vendredi, mars 13, 2009

Lattice by Marcel Dettman

There was a feature on Marcel Dettman on Resident Advisor which is well worth reading. Not only does it give some insight into how he structures his 8+-hour closing sets at Berghain, it also provides some great photos of the interior of Berghain itself, which is usually a completely camera-free zone.

So here's a track called Lattice (Beatport link) from a release he put out on his own record label, Marcel Dettman Records (natch). I thought this would be a good one to post because it almost perfectly encapsulates the sound of the Berghain room, as opposed to the Panorama Bar room. So when you read my posts and you see phrases like "the techno was a bit too hard and pounding, better suited for the Berghain room," you'll know what I mean. I don't dislike this track, but it's the sort of thing that I tire of relatively quickly. A lot of the tracks I've posted in the past couple of days, on the other hand, would be PanoramaBar material.

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