mardi, mars 10, 2009

Radio Silence for a few days

Well, I have a draft of a paper (which will eventually become Chapter 3) due this Sunday and I have little more than a few sketches to show for it. So I'll be quiet on the blog front for the next few days. I still owe a friend my arroz chaufa recipe (finally!), so I might take a moment to post that, and there's an exciting Akufen / Cabanne back-to-back party coming up this Friday, so I might post a few things about that as well. Anyway, enjoy the quiet! I might replicate what I did last November by putting up favourite tracks of mine. In fact, here's the remixes of "O Superman" (original by Laurie Anderson) that I mentioned in last weekend's post. The third one ("Reboot 20 Cubans mix") is the one Monika Kruse played.

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