dimanche, avril 15, 2007

CarlaVisitAgain Day 2: Off to Market

Sunday was a bit of a marathon for us. Carla's leg was feeling good, and we wanted to stock up on some good fresh produce, so we headed off to my local Sunday market at Place des Fêtes and filled our cart with deliciousness. I bought nearly 1kg of various cheeses, Carla bought three bouquets of flowers (lilacs, white roses, fire-orange tulips), I bought an endless string of vegetables and fruits, and we also picked up two fish filets (grenadier [a deep-sea fish] and redfish/ocean perch). Afterwards, we wandered home, fried up some fish, and had a bit salad of lamb's lettuce (mâche).

From there, we headed off to the marché aux puces in St. Ouen (previously visited with Kristy and Iyn last week), where we spent a good amount of time wandering around and looking at stuff we couldn't afford (although this is an open-air market, it's one of the world's biggest and most important antique centres). Also, I finally got my old American cellphone unlocked. Yay! Now I can use a decent cellphone with a good keypad, rather than the ancient Nokia brick-phone that I was using up to now.

By the afternoon, it was HOT and sunny and we were tired, so we braved the subway to head over to Ile Saint-Louis and wait in line for Berthillon ice cream. It was delicious, as always, but we were exhausted by the effort and headed home for a moment to decompress.

Later that evening, we headed off to Le Boeuf Couronné (previously visited here) for dinner. Carla had a plate of white asparagus as an appetizer, while I had Os à la Moelle (bone marrow and bread, essentially). For the main dish, Carla had the fatty duck breast (magret de canard), while I had the sirloin steak in pepper sauce. All of it was delicious, although a special award goes to my steak. Carla had the "anti-stress" for dessert (3 different kinds of chocolate-dessert preparations), while I had the berry crumble; the crumble was nice but rather dry, and Carla's anti-stress was delicious but rather heavy.

By the time we were done that evening, we were both very full, very tired, and I was just a wee bit tipsy (Carla can't drink much alcohol, so it falls to me to finish the bottle of wine...).

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