samedi, avril 14, 2007

CarlaVisitAgain Day 1: Pho and Salads

So, Carla arrived (mostly) intact this morning at CDG. She managed to overdo her workout regime a couple of weeks ago and pull a tiny muscle that runs over the sciatic nerve. Now she's got sciatica. This is in itself rather inconvenient for her, but the crowning injustice is that she's on a combination of painkillers, anti-inflammatories and smooth muscle relaxants that really restrict her diet. Imagine going to France and not being able to eat delicious things.

Thankfully, Carla had been training herself to eat small portions of dairy and meat and other such difficult-to-digest stuff, so we were still able to eat out. It was just that Carla wasn't able to eat nearly as much of anything as she used to.

So, after dropping off her stuff in her room and taking a moment to shower, we headed off to Belleville for some Pho at my favourite pho-dive, Tin Tin (yes, that's it's name) on rue Louis Bonnet. Although pho does involve some meat, most of it is quite easy on the stomach: broth, noodles, onions, herbs.

From there, we wandered off through the Parc de Belleville, then walked up rue de Belleville back to my place. It was actually a lot of walking, both uphill and down, but Carla found that walking actually helps relieve some of the pain of her sciatica.

That evening, we headed off to Montmartre to eat at the same fantastic salad place that DJ had led me and Sara to last Wednesday. We each had a massive, overflowing bowl of salad, topped with tons of delicious fresh veggies and a lovely vinaigrette. From there, we wandered around Montmartre and Pigalle for a bit, and then headed back home to crash.

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