mardi, avril 17, 2007

CarlaVisitAgain Day 4: Work, La Duree, and Terra Nera

I came in a bit early to work, expecting to leave early and join Carla, but something came up and I was there about 2 hours longer than I had hoped. Although work was unpleasant and rather busy, I managed to bargain my way into taking Wednesday off, so it was ultimately a wash.

Nonetheless, I came home in a foul mood, so I just hung around at home and did some of the work that I had hoped to do at the office. Carla had been out shopping that day, and she brought back some lovely macarons and a religieuse a la violette from La Durée, so we had something to tide us over to dinner.

Dinner was a Terra Nera, a neapolitan restaurant that has appeared on this blog several times (here and here). Carla's dietary restrictions prevented her from completely indulging in the piccata alla gorgonzola that she ordered, but by all accounts it was delicious. I was especially impressed with her appetizer of oyster mushrooms fricassée, which was deliciously simple. I started with a simple salad of bitter greens and parmesan (a bit heavy on the balsamic vinegar, but lovely), and moved on to a plate of penne alla boscaïola, which seemed to involve lots of bacon and fresh cream. Dessert was this thing called mystère, which was essentially meringue covered in ice cream, covered in crushed nuts. Carla and I split one and regretted it all the way home. It was fantastic, but we could barely walk to the RER station nearby.

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