dimanche, mars 18, 2007

La grande galère @ Freak 'n' Chic

After sleeping in VERY late, I did a fair bit of work and then headed out with DJ for a couple of beers in the early evening. I was planning to attend the Freak n' Chic night, which required me to be there much earlier than usual. As I had mentioned in the post for my last visit, the Freak n Chic sunday night events are designed as a "work-night" club. Essentially, the club starts at 19h30 instead of 0h00, and ends around 1h30 instead of 6h00. That way, you can go out, party, and still be at work Monday morning.

Freak n' Chic: Cabanne, Marc Antona and Dan Ghenacia @ Le Zèbre de Belleville

Here's all three of them: Dan Ghenacia on the left, Cabanne in the middle, and Marc Antona on the right.

?h??-23h00: Cabanne

So, I arrived at the club around 21h30, which still seemed terribly early. However, the place was already fully packed. There was a lineup of maybe 20 people, but the line wasn't moving at all. After a while, it began to dawn on those of us in the line that they were only letting people in as other people left: the one-in-one-out situation. Argh!

As we waited in line (and as people did their best to jump ahead of each other and cut in line with their friends), it began to rain lightly. Then it began to snow. Then it began to rain heavily with high winds. Then it began to HAIL. During all of this, I was standing in line outside in nothing but a light zip-up sweater. It wasn't until 22h30 that I got to the front of the line.

When I finally got in and realized that Cabanne was spinning (I hadn't taken a close look at the flyer) I felt like the struggle had been worth it. As you might recall, I missed Cabanne last Friday at Batofar. However, Cabanne was only spinning for another 30 minutes, so I did my best to take advantage of the opportunity to dance to the end of his excellent microhouse set. I did manage to get a few pics, at least.

23h00-0h00: Marc Antona live

When I wasn't trying to figure out which Amercian comedian he looked like (it was bugging me all night!), I really enjoyed Antona's set. It was minimal but with pretty fat bass, and much more techno-y than the Cabanne set before and Ghenacia's set afterwards. The bar was PACKED when I had gotten into the club at 22h30, and it was still insanely packed now. In fact, up until the moment I left, this place was packed wall-to-wall. Whatever they're up to, they clearly have managed to draw a dedicated crowd.

0h00-1h30: Dan Ghenacia

Ghenacia, who is the resident of this night, spins great tech-house, but I was just too tired and fed-up with being stepped on by tall French people. After about half an hour of trying to dance, I headed back out and caught the last métro train back to my place. Ah well, next time I'll arrive early and stay all night!

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