vendredi, mars 16, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

After sleeping in a fair bit, I rolled out of bed and was immediately caught by the announcement of the most recent Best of Craigslist. For almost two hours, I was held captive by the crazyness of Craigslist, including this, this, this and this. Oh, and this and this.

DJ rang my door around noon (he's moving into my building right now) and we went out for lunch. We headed away from Paris and into Lilas (the once-village now suburb that abuts Paris and pretty much our backyard). We headed to an Italian pizza place that DJ knew and had a full, leisurely meal. We need to stop taking an apéritif and digestif plus wine every time we eat out. Anyway, we lumbered back to our building and DJ continued with his quest to move his crap into the building.

I caught up with Anatoly (who has been in Geneva for the last little while) and we made plans to meet at Batofar to catch some microhouse and then head over to Nouveau Casino for the minimal techno night there. Alas, it never went beyond "plans," because a little while later my tonsils got sore and my lymph nodes began to swell. Hooray! I guess I was bound to get the flu at some point this winter (nevermind that it's practically spring, dammit).

Since I have an iron-clad immune system, there was still the possibility that whatever I was having would come and go by the evening, so I took a megadose of vitamin C and some ibuprofen, drank a lot of water, and got some food in me (mostly leftover arroz chaufa).

Later that evening, DJ came by after his move was done and had some leftovers and whiskey with me. I swear, I think I'm going to create a new Label Tag for my blog called "Luis&DjEatParis" or something like that. Anyway, we hung out for a little while, I still felt like crap. I sent a penitent text to Anatoly, took a nap to see if things would get better, then texted Anatoly again at about 2am to tell him that there was no way I could go out. Rather than be pissed off for standing him up, Anatoly very kindly wished me a speedy recovery. With promises to make it up to him later, I headed to bed and tried not to think too hard about the great music I was missing.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

And, for a change, the music was good! Even by my stringent standards!

Okay, okay, I'll skip the details...

Besides... Flu-d-up, comatosed and soloed.... C'est pas si mal et ça change un peu de toute cette foule qui crie "allez!" aux DJs enfumés...

Dumb down the symptoms. And enjoy the fall of the virus. 2 weeks max and you're like new!


Anonyme a dit…

Luisito: how are you doing now? I hope you are healed and recovered.



LMGM a dit…

I'm doing fine! Whatever I had was obviously a 24-hour thing, because I was fine by Saturday. Viste que cociné arroz chaufa el otro dia? Como me alegra comer chifa!