lundi, mars 19, 2007

Body by Poutine

I've mentioned poutine on this blog numerous times, I think. If you haven't come across it before (and you're too lazy to click on the link I just gave you), it's traditional junk food / comfort food / haute cuisine from Québec, Canada. Essentially, it's a big plate of fries, sprinkled with fromage beaucronne (cheese curds, very fresh), and hot gravy ("sauce brune"). Gravy melts through the cheese, and then you eat the whole mess and pass out.

A friend of mine confessed to never having tried it before, so I dragged him off to The Moose tonight. He ordered the traditional poutine + montreal smoked meat, and I ordered the "Italian" poutine--just to try something new. It turns out that I'm not thrilled about messing around with the poutine recipe. The substitution of marinara sauce for gravy was rather disappointing, although I'll give them points for the mess of vegetables. Either way, we ate until we were horribly full, drank some beer, and then headed back home. Mission accomplished!

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