samedi, mars 24, 2007

A different kind of busy

It's funny, but in the last couple of months, most of my weekends have consisted of a daytime filled with rest, recuperation and clerical work, followed by approximately 6-8 hours of intense clubbing all night. On the other hand, this weekend has kept my daytime hours very very busy, so not surprisingly I've done very little in the way of going out and partying. Although I didn't hit a club this weekend, I nonetheless managed to be quite busy.

In the morning, I headed over to the grocery store nearby and picked up some culinary goodies for later that night. I was going to a colleague's potluck party that evening, so I needed to bring something. I bought another 1 kg bag of vitelotte/purple/blue potatoes and all of the ingredients necessary to make my purple potato salad and my purple mashed potatoes. I busied myself cooking up a storm until 16h00 rolled around, when I had a meeting with the new students.

I gave the students a tour of the building, a short lecture on various rules & regulations about the building, a tour of the neighbourhood and some help buying their metro passes. After that, I headed home and put the finishing touches on the food and headed out to the party.

The party itself went well, although I was one of the only people to bring savoury dishes. As a result, we had about 20 pies and 3 savoury dishes. Oh, and maybe 6 different kinds of cheese. I'm not complaining about it, mind you. Cheese and dessert sounds just fine to me.

Strangely enough, when I went to grab my jacket and head home, someone had called my phone 3 times without leaving a message. Strange, really. I spent the rest of the walk home wondering to myself who had been calling me.

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