mardi, avril 06, 2010

San Fran Field Trip: Intimacy, Strangers, and Translocality

Hullo again, everyone. Since I know that many of you have RSS subscriptions to this blog—and perhaps you haven't updated your RSS reader with my new blog—I'm posting a link here to my most recent post on LMGMblog. I'll be doing this for the next few posts across my blogs.

So this post, entitled "San Fran Field Trip: Intimacy Strangers and Translocality," is a brief reflection on a trip I took to the Berkeley and San Francisco back in mid-March. What was interesting about this trip was that I posted a Facebook status update a few days before my departure, asking if anybody knew what was going on in the Bay Area. Within the space of a couple of days, I had a daily lineup of techno/house events in San Fran, along with a network of friends-of-friends that were offering to act as guides. By the end of that weekend, I had a whole new network of contacts and friends in the San Francisco techno scene. The notion of a trans-local music scene/network is a concept that is central to both my doctoral and my post-doctoral projects; I'm trying to argue that the practices, values, and people in "minimal techno" or "house" or whatever circulate between locations in a way that allows a partygoers to arrive in new locations and insert themselves into the scene with minimal friction. I can already argue this point by describing the flow of musical recordings (vinyl, mp3s, podcasts), people (DJs, techno-tourists, friendship networks), and writing (online magazines, travel guides, forums); but this anecdote provides a great example of how this ease of mobility also comes from the previous travel and trans-local contacts of members of your friendship network. More interestingly, the request for hospitality by a mutual friend (i.e., the person who introduces you to new contacts at your destination) activates a bundle of ethical responsibilities that make the encounter especially intimate.

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