jeudi, juillet 01, 2010

LuisInParis is Moving!

We're moving!

Well, Luis will stay where he is, and LuisInParis will stay where it is, too. I'm keeping all of my archives from previous years in the same place for future use and so that you can still find any posts that you like through search engines. Nevertheless, no new blog posts will be published here.

What is new is LMGMblog. As my Paris fieldwork period has come to an end, I've decided to move away from the post-a-day format (which I haven't really be sticking to recently, anyway) and split up my writing work. LMGMblog will include:

  1. “party reviews,” that is, accounts of techno/house/etc. events as I did frequently on my old blog.
  2. brief essays on concepts and issues I’m working through for my own intellectual work, with the hope that you all can give me the sort of support and critique that I need to write better and smarter
  3. readings/reviews of books and articles that I encounter as I work on my dissertation

There will NOT be any more of my recipes here, but that’s because I’m starting a totally new food blog called Macerating in Public, where I'll be posting photo-blogged recipes, restaurant/shop reviews, and other foodie geekery. Check it out! There’ll be updates soon.

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david. a dit…

year!!! Great news!