lundi, décembre 08, 2008

Meh Monday

Well, nothing exciting to report, really. I woke up this morning and realized that I had been eating rather…well…generously over the past week. Most likely, I was rewarding myself for getting a chapter (mostly) done, but I’m anxious to avoid putting on winter weight, as I’d like to continue the weight-loss trend I started this summer. Anyway, this week will be one of austerity, I think, since my parents are coming to visit starting this weekend (yay!).

On that note, I spent a large part of today scouring through my blog for references to restaurants I’ve visited in the past and started putting together a list of restaurants for my parents. Both of my parents are very adventurous eaters and will love most of what Paris has to offer, but at the same time my father isn’t comfortable in fine dining establishments, so the emphasis is going to be on bistro fare, methinks.

Otherwise, the rest of the day was spent taking care of some administrative stuff at work, and then I headed home, cooked up dinner (re-heated pintade from the day before) and played some video games on my computer. Part of my goal for this week is to enforce a real division between “work and work” and “play at home.” We’ll see how that works out.

2 commentaires:

Humingway a dit…

Well, what games???? Come on -- that's what everybody wants to know about!

LMGM a dit…

Heh. No surprises here: On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two. I'm working my way through insane mode now.

Also, the occasional moment of Diablo II, just out of nostalgia. But it's hard to play with only a laptop trackpad...