mercredi, décembre 10, 2008

Assiette Mouffetard

Oops! I’m behind on blogging yet again. Ever since the writing of the chapter, I’ve been feeling pretty slack, I’ll admit. Anyway, my day today wasn’t worth much of a blog post: drag my ass to work, help get the profs ready for the winter quarter, grab a quick bite to eat, teach English until 7pm, lurch home and eat some leftover curry from the previous night, fall into bed.

The one interesting thing from the day, possibly, was my “quick bite to eat” this afternoon, which was at a cute café/bar at the corner of rue Mouffetard and rue de l’Arabalette. They had an assiette mouffetard (“Mouffetard plate”), which included a small salad with nuts and raisins and an assortment of 3 cheeses and 3 kinds of deli meats…and a glass of wine. This is sort of a typical apéro setting (aperitif, or post-work/pre-dinner drink), including an alcoholic drink and a cold platter of meats and cheeses. However, this sort of cold platter is usually a small thing of a few salty bits of protein, sort of like a dish of tapas. This, however, was a massive party platter of meats and cheeses. By the time I had finished this and downed my drink, I was more in the mood for a nap than a 2-hour English class.

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