vendredi, décembre 12, 2008

Git ur laundry on

I got a haircut this morning. Yay! I’m lookin’ good. So where do I go to show off the new haircut? The Laundromat, that’s where. In additional to my usual loads of laundry, I was in desperate need of washing all of my jeans and bed sheets as well. This is when Laundromats come in handy; I just started 5 loads of laundry at the same time, then loaded them into two giant dryers, and I was out of there in less than two hours. Efficient!

My parent’s are coming to town tomorrow (yay!), which means I need to pick them up at the airport at around 8am tomorrow. This means getting up around 6am, which isn’t going to happen with my current sleep cycle as it is. So I bought a bottle of tasty wine (Fitou), drank it, and fell asleep as I pondered my incipient alcoholism.

(p.s. dear mom: kidding! I don’t drink entire bottles of wine on my own…much)

5 commentaires:

Humingway a dit…

Hi, Luis's Parents!! And Luis, good job on waiting to wash your clothes until the day before they arrive... then spoiling the whole thing by POSTING about it on your BLOG!

Average Goddess a dit…

Hi Mom and Dad! (and yes he does. he has a problem. get him help.)

Keith a dit…

dear luis,

it's thursday night and amy and i are preparing for our orphan's xmas dinner tomorrow. you aren't the only one up doing some pretend domestic work!

our house is now officially fake clean.

we miss you and wish you were here.

amy is currently beating a dead turkey. it's not the same without you.

any chance the concorde goes paris to toronto tomorrow?

have fun with the fam!


Amy a dit…

Hi Luis,

So funny 'cos I got a new haircut yesterday too, and afterwards went and showed it off at No Frills!

Yeah I got some hot action at No Frills.

Back to beating the dead turkey for me. Where are you?? I miss beating the turkey with you!


LMGM a dit…

Awwww, hi everyone! I'll be blogging about my parents' culinary exploits soon.

Amy, Keith, beat that turkey for me! I'll be back in Toronto for a little while next summer, methinks. Come to Paris!!

Kristy, Iyn: See you in Paris!

Peeto, LEO: See you in Paris?