vendredi, novembre 28, 2008

No text, just music, Part 6

"Face Control" by Danton Eeprom

face control - danton eeprom

I'm suprised that I did think of posting this one earlier. It's not exactly a current hit, but this track was doing very well over the summer in Berlin. It's by a French producer called Danton Eeprom, who has been blowing up over in Europe during the past year and then wowed everyone at Mutek in Montréal last June (I still haven't blogged about that weekend...sigh). His style follows in Ricardo Villalobos's footsteps in a sense--in the sense that he likes to have at least one slow-moving, echoey, atmospheric element that floats over all of the other rhythmic activity. On the other hand, his beats are much more trancey and spaced-out than Villalobos's beats, which tend to be really punchy. I remember posting a few weeks ago about standing in line and hearing someone behind me talking about how Villalobos's music sorta overwhelmed her emotionally in a way that was sometimes rather ambivalent or confusing. Over the summer, a friend of mine played me this Danton Eeprom track, pointed to the perpetually-rising synth line that starts around the 4-minute mark, and said, "It just gets into your head! If this sort of thing hit me in the right way, in the right situation, I might just lose my mind." So listen from about 4:00 into the track and let the sound spin for a while and see what you think about it. There is something hypnotic about it, I'll admit.

In fact, here's one of my favorite Villalobos tracks, just so that the comparison is complete. Note the lovely video.

"Dexter" by Ricardo Villalobos

The corresponding moment where the "atmospheric" element enters in this track is around the 2:39 mark.

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