jeudi, décembre 04, 2008

I'm back!

Yay! Well, it's been a few days since I've posted to my blog, so let's catch up, bulleted-list-style:

  • I finished writing my chapter last Saturday, after spending the entire day at the BnF. Notably, it was done TWO DAYS before the deadline.
  • I treated myself to a take-out dinner at the Indian-Pakistani restaurant near my place, New Ganga. I asked for the vindaloo to be super-hot and they actually delivered. Mmm.
  • I immediately had the post-writing reaction where you are convinced that what you just created is total shite.
  • I waited until the next day, when I was less repulsed by my own work, and did some editing. I made surprisingly few changes.
  • Saturday night, I went out to the Rex to celebrate and to hang out with friends. I had the best intentions to hang out all night and go to the afterparty and all that, but my contact lenses freaked out on me around 5h30 and I had to go home.
  • Sunday dinner: roasted vegetables and quinoa. Delicious!
  • Monday, I decided to treat myself to a big home-made dinner. I discovered this excellent recipe for Pork Tenderloin in Orange and Rosemary sauce (from the awesome french foodie blog, Chocolate & Zucchini), which I prepared along with some roasted root vegetables and this excellent wine from the Terre des Chardons vinyard, which had this really strong note of olives and a buttery consistency ("Le Marginal", 2007).
  • On Wednesday, I went to a friend's place for an apéro / party to celebrate the completion of her schooling. She's off to become an adult, now! When will become a gainfully-employed adult, you ask? Shaddup.