samedi, janvier 27, 2007

Luis *doesn't* go out. Fer real.

So, it's a Saturday night and I didn't go out. Actually, after going out Thursday and Friday, I was still ready to make it another 3-day weekend and do something on Saturday, but two things came in the way:

  1. There wasn't much going on that really interested me that night
  2. I was fucking tired.

Essentially, I slept in like it was my last chance. Then, I lounged around at home and did some blogging (like Thursday's stuff) and did a bit of research on AJAX. Eventually, I got myself together in the evening and headed over to a colleague's place for dinner. Dinner was great, we spent a great deal of time chatting, and I got home at nearly 1h00 in the morning.

Having been up very late the last two nights, I was still wide awake when I got home. I got back online and took care of a bunch of "administrative" tasks (essentially, responding to emails), and then finally hit the sack. Not an exciting Saturday, I know, but I certainly appreciated the break.

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