mercredi, janvier 24, 2007

Luis does nothing

OK, this wasn't really true, but I certainly did nothing of particular interest today.

Work was meh, and then I headed off to La Grande Epicerie to stock up on fine chocolate, fine grains, and fine cured meats. I bought a trucklead of Dolfin chocolates--I really love their Milk Chocolate + Masala bars, and their Dark Chocolate + Earl Grey Tea bars. In addition to some quinoa and risotto rice, I picked up some crottin de chèvre (which translates literally to "goat poop", but figuratively refers to very fresh goat's milk cheese rolled into small discs), one of which was rolled in cracked green pepper and the other in hot spices. I got several fancy french sausages, and then several fine slices of of Bayonne ham and some Jamón Serrano (which is !@#$ing amazing). All in all, a lot of "fancy."

Then I headed off to this Indian "supermarket" near the La Chapelle métro station, where I bought a pile of hot peppers, some spices (raz el hanout and some chaat mix), some mung beans and lentils, and a ton of spicy plantain and cassava chips. I really traveled the high-end to low-end spectrum today, paying nearly 70€ for my trip to La Grande Epicerie, and 12€ at the Indian place for about the same weight of food.

After all that, I dropped off my crap at home and then headed off to the McSupermarket near myplace, Champion, to get the last few things that are better bought in bulk. I spent pretty much the rest of the evening thinking that I should catch up on my emails and and fieldnotes, and then getting chatting endlessly with neighbours on my floor.

See? I did nothing of particular importance.

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