jeudi, janvier 25, 2007

L'ile enchantée and Rex (again)

Work was surprisingly busy; a massive new copier/printer/scanner arrived at the office and I spent the entire day with my boss trying to get the printer on the network, adjusting the defaults, installing drivers on everyone's computers, creating user accounts, and so on. After work, I headed off home in the surprisingly biting cold and started preparing an early dinner. I ended up having a large salad with beets, some potato chaat and a bunch of pink radishes with butter (just raw radishes, a bit of salt, and a bit of softened butter). It was all very delicious, but I ate too much, so I was feeling horribly full. Thankfully, my evening date for apéritifs cancelled (I was sorry to miss the chance to hang out, but I was feeling a bit stuffed) so I had a couple of hours to hang out before heading off to meet L. and N. and their posse at L'Ile Enchantée (warning: website will make your eyes bleed).

Mlle Caro and Carsten Klemann @ L'Ile Enchantée

22h00-0h30?: Carsten Klemann

Carsten Klemann is actually the third part of MyMy (I saw the other two last Saturday at the Rex). His set was pretty eclectic, focusing on minimal house but borrowing tracks from classic house and techno. All in all, though, the set leaned more towards a house sound and took greater excursions into house territory. Also, the setting dictated a different level of intensity. This was a bar (thus, open 10pm - 2am, unlike clubs that are open from midnight to 6am), where there is more seating and less standing (and very little dancing). Thus Klemann was more providing "setting" music for sitting and chatting and drinking, rather than being the centre of attention for a crowd of dancers. I wasn't entirely sure when his set finished, because it seemed that he and Mlle Caro would occasionally tag-team on the decks.

Anyway, I had been invited to attend by L., so I walked in and immediately saw N.'s lanky figure and L. sitting nearby. I exchanged what had now become the usual effusive greetings and kisses with both of them and was introduced to N.'s partner-in-crime, F. After grabbing a drink, I sat down with L. and had a good long chat. It was really nice to chat with these "party friends" in a place where we could hear each other. Conversation began with and continually returned to music--which artists and labels we liked, who we've seen perform--but also ranged to travel, politics, and the pragmatics of making music part of your life. A great moment in the conversation came when I was describing my doctoral project and my interest in how music plays a role in creating moments of intimacy, and L. replied "Well, that's what we're in music for, right?" It was a much-needed validation to hear from someone (else) that music (and music scenes) can act not just as representation or communication, but also connection.

0h30?-2h00: Mlle Caro

I only caught a bit of Mademoiselle Caro's set, because we packed up and headed off at around 1h00. Apparently, the plan was to head back to F.'s place for a bit and then head over to the Rex to see François K. spin. So, off we went, catching the métro to F.'s place (a fantastic loft space), hanging out for some tea and drinks, and then off to the Rex on foot (which was further than I had thought).

François K @ the Rex

? - ?: François K.

We arrived around 1h45; N. seemed to know the doorman and had us on somebody's list, so we got to take the list/presale line and enjoy being introduced by the doorman yelling "Four direct entries!" Finally! I got into the Rex without paying. That must be a sign of some sort of insider access, right? Alright, maybe I'm grasping at straws.

As we got in, François K. was already spinning. After checking our coats and handing out earplugs (the treble was very shrill that night), we scoped out a space on the dancefloor. As the night went on, L. pointed out that François' set was a bit old-school-y techno--in a way that was both "good" nostalgic and "bad" passé. His set was also pretty eclectic, so it quickly moved into other territory that I found a bit more exciting (house and minimal). L. and I both seemed to agree that he was a bit too choppy in his set, mixing between tracks abruptly, cutting and returning the bass beat too often and irregularly, and not creating a feel of smooth trajectory.

My dinner was sitting heavily in my stomach (I hadn't planned on dancing that much tonight), so I eventually headed out and headed home. Beforehand, however, I was witness to a pretty amusing scene in the men's washroom. As I was waiting in the toilets, the bathroom attendant caught two guys in a washroom stall together. It was obvious to pretty much everyone that they were doing lines. The bathroom attendant told them that he was going to have them thrown out, so the two guys began to protest, "We're not doing drugs! We're just gay!" This set off a pretty amusing discussion: "So now you two are gay?" "Yeah totally! We were just making out." "Come on, I've seen you guys hit on girls, don't give me that shit." "I swear! I totally love cock! I was just about to suck him off!" "Oh please, you're not gay; stop fucking with me." At this point, another guy in the bathroom took advantage of the situation: "Yeah, man, just look at them. They're totally gay." To which the two guys could only nod in agreement, their other option being tossed out of the club.

I left the washroom before the argument ceased, but I saw them wandering around the club later, so they somehow managed to convince the attendant that they were indeed gay. Somehow...

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