dimanche, septembre 10, 2006

The day of rest, indeed!

Oy. So, after that eternal post from yesterday/this morning, you'll be happy to know that Sunday's report will be relatively brief. Those light-blocking blinds were very, very effective. I rolled out of bed at noon and it was still midnight in my room. I slowly dragged my ass to the shower, washed off the nastiness from the night before, and then took care of one final load of laundry. I spent hours writing up my notes / blog for last night, and didn't realize that I had veritably nothing in the way of food until it was too late to find it anywhere.

But then, I noticed that I had a cup of dry green lentils that I had inherited from DJ. Also, I had about half a portion of dry chorizo that was so fatty, that it wasn't really all that dry. I also had a small package of shallots that I wasn't crazy about; they needed to be taken care of. Also, as always, I had a ton of garlic. Hmm.

As you might expect from me, this resulted in my latest Scrounge Around Recipe: Lentils with Random Stuff:


  • dry Lentils, soaked in water
  • Chorizo, sliced and quartered
  • Onions or Shallots, lots, sliced
  • Garlic, at least 4 or 5 cloves, crushed or chopped
  • 3 or 4 cups of water
  • Rosemary and/or Thyme, dash
  • fresh ground Black Pepper (although white would've been better)
  • ground Mace, dash
  • dab of Butter


  1. Soak lentils for a few hours, until they swell a bit, then drain and put aside.
  2. Put chorizo into the bottom of a hot saucepan, allow the fat to render out and create a frying base.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare onions/shallots and toss them in as you go. Fry on medium-high until they are translucent.
  4. Add garlic, stirring occasionally to prevent burning (if the chorizo wasn't very fatty, you may need to add olive oil here).
  5. When the garlic has mellowed and cooked, add lentils and stir until the lentis are well coated.
  6. Add water and stir, bring to boil.
  7. Add spices to taste.
  8. Simmer water while chastising yourself for not buying groceries earlier
  9. Continue at a simmer until the water has almost completely evaporated, the lentils are thoroughly cooked, and a sauce has developed from the lentils.
  10. Remove from heat, add butter, stir and let stand for a few minutes.
  11. Serve.

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