mercredi, septembre 13, 2006


Ugh. So I woke up this morning with the makings of a fine cold. It was unpleasant, but not intolerable, so I started to get ready to go to work anyway. It takes quite a bit to fell me. However, I noticed that my throat was sore and my lymph nodes were doing the balloon thing, so I decided that I was probably still contagious. Stoicism is one thing, but nobody at work will forgive me if I bring this to work.

And thus, the entry for today is very short. I hung around in my pj's, napped, took a shower, ate nearly an entire baguette's worth of rillettes, mustard, cheese and butter (not at the same time, of course) and generally wasted time. Since I considered today to be a day of convalescence, I did nothing productive. I didn't do any special reading or research, I didn't search the web for useful things, and I didn't go out to buy necessities or anything. Speaking of which, I took this photo of my fridge, because anybody who knows me can be certain that this isn't how I keep my fridge stocked:Pretty tragic, huh? What you see there is a couple of bottles of San Pellegrino (they're relatively cheap here), a bottle of milk, a bottle of spaghetti sauce, a tub of rillettes, and that wine-glass thing is actually Maille™ mustard. The fridge looks so bare because I've held off on buying fresh produce until I can go to an actual green-grocer or better yet a market. There's a market that I recall from my last stay here in the Marais (Marché aux Enfants Rouges) that I am really fond of. Until then, the fridge is a bit bare.

But the image is misleading, because what you don't see are all my dry goods. On the shelf above the stove, I have a new box of green lentils, a big bag of arborio rice, some butter, spaghettoni, 1/2 of a chorizo, and some hot chocolate mix (as well as spices, garlic, oils, vinegars, etc). So, although my fridge looks so bare in that last picture, I was still able to make this:Risotto! I used a similar preparation to the one I made last week, but I used lardons instead of chorizo and I didn't have any shallots available. Oh, and I used two beef bouillon cubes and 1L of water.

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Mark a dit…

Dude, you have no fromage. How is this possible?

LMGM a dit…

Actually, I had two rather generous pieces of cheese in there on monday. Much like chocolate, I cannot be trusted with cheese.