lundi, février 16, 2009

Die Rückfahrt

Time to return to reality, I suppose.

I got up late again (I couldn’t get to sleep last night, thanks to that afternoon nap I took), said goodbye to Florian as he left for work, and then got ready to head to the airport.

But first, I went downtown and had lunch with Janine on her lunch break, where we had a chance to catch up a bit and chat about the weekend. Apparently, she had stayed until the end of Berghain, along with her friends and Bob and Donna and their crew. Phew. I wish I could’ve stuck around.

I got to the airport and did the “early check-in” the for Lufthansa and then headed over to the central baggage desk to leave my suitcase. Of course, there was only one person working the desk, and the person at the front of the line had some sort of complicated problem, which meant that nobody else got served while the clerk slowly went about untangling the mess. Just one more person at the desk would’ve saved everyone else the 30-minute wait. Christ.

So the flight itself was fine, I got back to my place fine, and then I realized that I had absolutely nothing to eat at home. I managed to improvise with lentils and beets, but I clearly need to get more food up in this hizzouse.

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