vendredi, janvier 23, 2009

Time Warp!

Well, nothing particularly exciting happened in the past couple of days and I’m now super-behind on blog posts, so I’m skipping Wednesday and Thursday and jumping right to Friday. My friends, DJ Sassmouth and her husband, were coming to Paris tomorrow to spin at a party and stay with me, so I had a bit of preparation I needed to do ahead of their arrival. In the end, most of that had to be delayed until tomorrow morning, because I stayed up until 7h00 this morning / last night to finish writing up the sample syllabus for the Tave Fellowship, which involves teaching a senior undergrad course of your own design. The course is titled “Nightlives: Music and Nighttime,” which will look at all sorts of musics that are conventionally performed at night, including techno but also night-time funerary music, initiation rites, jazz & blues, musical theatre & opera, and so on. The more and more I think about the course, the more excited I am about teaching it, so I really hope I win the fellowship! If not, I’ll at least have a “sample” syllabus for my application package when I’m on the job market.

Anyway, the crazy all-nighter was followed by sleep until 14h00, at which point I had to get ready to head over to a colleague’s house to spend the afternoon working on a collaborative project with her. I stayed for dinner at her place, and then walked home for a quiet night of sleep. There was a party going on that night that I should’ve attended, but I was still totally pooped from last night’s work.

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