dimanche, janvier 25, 2009

Sassmouth in Paris...the day after

So, given that we fell asleep around 13h00, I was actually surprised that we got up at 18h00.

I made some coffee and we sat around chatting for a bit and pondering what to do with what remained of Sunday. I put on some music, which promptly got a knock on the door from my neighbor, who said, “I normally love music, but I have an exam tomorrow.” Yeah, sure.

By that time, we were getting hungry, so I proposed a walk over to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Belleville, TinTin, for a big bowl of Pho. Considering what we had put our bodies through the night (and morning) before, a big bowl of liquid, hot peppers and noodles seemed like the right thing. So we wandered over at a leisurely pace, had a big steaming bowls of Pho, laughed at the restaurant across the street (Dong Huong…yes it sounds like a cross between “penis” and “Don Juan”), and took the long way home. Boy, were we tired.

Still, we had a lot of soup in bellies that needed digesting, so just as we got to my place, we decided to keep walking. We bought some beers from the store on my street, and then I took them on a slow walking tour through République, the northern part of Le Marais, Bastille, and then back up Richard Lenoir to my place.

We stayed up till about 3h00, showing each other amusing music videos on YouTube, and then crawled into bed. Thankfully, the huge bowl of soup and the long walk sort of knocked us out and helped us fall asleep at a reasonable hour (i.e., 3h00 in the morning).

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