mardi, janvier 27, 2009

One more day of the sickness

My friends needed to be up by 4h30 to catch their taxi at 5h00, and considering that we only got to bed around 1h00, you can imagine how little sleep we had. After we made our goodbyes and they headed off, I tried to get back to sleep and spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling. When my alarm finally went off at around 8h00, I turned it off and promptly went to sleep. I don’t know why my body decided to finally get sleepy right then, but there you go.

I woke up just minutes before I should’ve been at work, tired and suddenly voiceless from a weekend of activity, so I called in sick to work again and tried to take advantage of the downtime to get myself back on track with my various commitments. I managed to mostly catch up on blogging before I had to zip over to l’École des Chartes to teach English. Class was a bit slow going this time, since it was the first class since their exams and everyone was a bit shell-shocked. Nonetheless, I managed to get them to talk a bit by asking a set of questions recommended to me by DJ Sassmouth’s husband this weekend: Where have you traveled? Where do you want to travel? Where wouldn’t you travel? I’ve gotta remember these questions for the next time I have a class with nothing to say.

So the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I got home, made dinner (rice porridge! It’s tastier than it sounds) and took care of a pile of correspondence. Now, I just need to write that dissertation…

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