mercredi, novembre 05, 2008

Still Emotional

I was clearly still emotionally worked up all day today. Don’t get me wrong; I was in good spirits and energized (despite sleeping only 4 hours) and happy and all that. But every time I saw video or read text that was even slightly sentimental about Obama’s win—especially stories of people just coming completely undone at the news—it overwhelmed me with emotion in ways that I hadn’t felt since I was taking steroids back in April for my Bell’s Palsy.

I didn’t cry or choke up. Instead, my heart leaped into my throat; I had that vertiginous feeling of falling and rising mixed together. It was sort of the kind of feeling that rushes over your body before you start crying. Rather than being “moved to tears,” I was just being moved—suddenly, overwhelmingly, frequently. All of it was exhausting and a bit distressing, but also somehow very, very pleasurable.

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