lundi, novembre 03, 2008


Hi guys,

So I was going to post an ode to the Comice pear, which is so juicy and pear-y, but then Obama’s granny died and Obama cried during a rally and it was just too much.

So then I was going to write something thoughtful about politics and tears and masculinity and death and parenting. But then I woke up the morning of Nov 4th (I always write my blog notes the day after, obviously) and I can’t concentrate. I’m a wreck. I’m more nervous than an espresso-drinking squirrel. I have to teach English to a class of disinterested French students in a couple of hours and I can’t even imagine how I’ll manage through the 2 hours of class without running to the nearest internet café to check the news.

I don’t want to jinx it, but maybe I’ll buy some champagne after school. I think I’m going to an all-night election-results party here in Paris, although I may just end up watching the whole thing from home. But I think I want to be in a crowd for this.

To my American friends who read this: Please don’t fuck this up, guys; you won’t have another chance for 4 years.

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Shaz a dit…

And Starbucks handed out free coffee to voters, talk a bout nervous jitters. btw, if we fuck it up, we don't get anymore chances. we're all praying here...

Anonyme a dit…

Year boy!!!! We won!
a big new page of history is open.

LMGM a dit…