lundi, juillet 28, 2008

Sickness and Recovery

[If you were in the rave scene in Detroit / South-Western Ontario in around '96 or so, you might recognize this as the name of an amazing M_nus rave in a field near Windsor.]

Yay! I have a cold and I’m miserable!

Once night had fallen on Sunday and the temperature had dropped to a reasonable level, and threw myself into bed and got as much sleep as possible, well aware that I wouldn’t be able to sleep once the sun spilled into my room. I’m beginning to really resent the fact that there are no curtains in my room.

When the sun finally scorched and sweated me out of bed today, I lurched reluctantly into the kitchen and made myself some eggs for breakfast. I covered them in hot sauce and extra-hot mustard, and then grabbed a raw hot pepper and ate that, too. It gave me some temporary relief, but I knew that I would be feeling like crap for a while. My roommate felt bad for giving me his virus, so he gave me some of his own cold-cure vitamins and I made myself drink tons and tons of water. It seemed to help, I think.

I was motivated to get through to the other side of this cold, as I had made dinner plans with some friends for tonight, and it was going to involve one of the best places for sushi in town. So, I spent most of the day writing up my notes from the weekend, downing tons and tons of water, snacking on super-spicy lentil curry from the night before, and trying to ignore the sheer sweaty heat of the sun spilling into my room.

By 19h00, I was feeling relatively decent and ready to make an attempt at dinner. I doused myself in a cold shower, made myself up into a reasonable facsimile of health, and traipsed over to the U-Bahn with what I hoped was a display of energy and verve. We had sushi at a place called Sasaya, which was delicious and really lovely as a location. They had lots of seafood-related specials that were above and beyond regular sushi, such as fried squid tentacles with a dipping sauce made from their livers, home-made fish balls poached in a light broth, and a sort of “summer”-roll filled with raw veggies. We also got an assortment of sushi and a few rolls, and everyone was pretty happy. Dessert involved a pair of bowls of Matcha green tea powder turned into a thick slurry, accompanied by a pair of sweet mochi balls filled with what looked like sweetened read bean paste. Also, we had this panna cotta that was sitting in a puddle of jasmine tea, which was light and lovely and not at all over-perfumed. My only complaint was that the seating (which was floor seating) was upholstered with something vinyl-like, which stuck to my flesh and got all sweaty. Ew.

From there, we parted ways (in a manner that one of my dining companions later dubbed “anti-climactic,” which is certainly the case considering my current nocturnal habits) and headed home. I stayed up for a while doing some more writing and catching up on some emails, and then called it a night.

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