dimanche, juillet 27, 2008

coughcough hackhack ew

After sleeping sporadically for a few hours in the intense afternoon heat, I woke up with a full-blown cold. Dammit. I think I got whatever my roommate had last Friday. I sure hope I didn’t pass that on to anybody Saturday night.

Feeling not a little bit miserable, I set about making a super-spicy lentil curry, in the hopes of jump-starting my recovery and at least temporarily clearing my respiratory passages. As I let the mixture simmer, I got an email from John, on behalf of the crew. They were still at Strandgut, and Ricardo Villalobos was slated to start playing around midnight, although in fact he started earlier by doing some ping-pong (i.e., trading control of the turntables with another DJ) with the other DJs. Anyway, he encouraged me to put my contacts back in and show up for the late-night party. If I had managed to get some substantial sleep and I wasn’t in the throes of a total cold, I would’ve taken a shower and given it a try, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I sent them all my apologies and got back to making dinner.

Flashback from last night

Last night, while John and I were waiting in line to get into Berghain, we would occasionally see men dressed in fetish gear leaving the building from the other side. I told John that these guys were leaving the Lab.Oratory [LINK], a very fetish-oriented sexclub operated by the same people as Berghain and Panorama Bar. We entertained ourselves for a while, looking at the guys leaving the place after a night of sexual play and wondered aloud what they had been up to.

Our wondering came to a stop for a moment as a guy walked by with a huge garbage bag full of something slung over his shoulder. We both looked at each other and had the same thought: “What’s in that bag? I don’t want to know, do I?”

Well, when we finally got into the club, I made a point of picking up the flyers for Berghain’s August lineup, along with the Lab.Oratory flyer. I didn’t look closely at them at the time, but tonight, as I was getting ready to prepare my notes for my blog, I took a look at the Lab.Oratory flyer. So guess what was going on in the sexclub while we were waiting in line Saturday night?

Scat Night

That’s right: sexual play involving shit. As the description on the flyer says, “Smear it, smell it, break a rule!”

So, I now have an all-too-clear idea of what was in that guy’s plastic bag. Ew.

5 commentaires:

Kristy a dit…

1. Oh my gosh – you were catching a cold?! I never saw it coming.
2.Scat Night. ... ... ... (!)

LMGM a dit…

yeah. don't make me spell it out, honey.

Humingway a dit…

German must have some great vocabulary for scat activities.

LMGM a dit…

ironically, the flyer was in English (how that for 'welcoming' tourism?). I'm a bit scared about doing any research on German scat activities...

Kristy a dit…

I REALLY can't see that research would be necessary there... I'm just sayin'. I have a hard time picturing someone reading your dissertaion and saying, "Yeah, but where do scat fetishes fit into all this?" XP