dimanche, mars 04, 2007

And Sunday makes free

So, considering I got home around 7am, all I did for the first half of the day was buy bread, get undressed, and collapse into my bed. Sometime around 13h or 14h, I made it out of bed and started the long task of pulling the images and videos off my camera and sorting out which ones to keep and how to edit/enhance them. Also, I still hadn't caught up with my blogging for last wednesday or thursday, so I had a fair bit of writing to do. So I took a nap. Then got back to work.

Oh, and one of my colleagues from work had given me some leftover waterzooï, which is this fantastic Belgian dish that involves making a very light fish and/or chicken stew, and then thickening it with heavy cream and an egg yolk. It's kind of rediculous. Anyway, I reheated some of it today and ate it with a baguette. Fucking fantastic.

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