vendredi, février 23, 2007

Fruit Fucker and Mr. Period

So, I spent most of the morning and afternoon escorting a group of students to Versailles for a tour + lunch, which went pretty well. Nonetheless, I try to avoid posting about work, so here's some substitute material: Fruit Fucker and Mr. Period!

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You see, I ordered a set of t-shirts from Penny Arcade's merchandise vendor, ThinkGeek. The first t-shirt was a Merchkids t-shirt, which included a very cute image of silhouettes of kids with generic merchandised hats, balloons, etc. This t-shirt is based on a particular episode from Penny Arcade, where the economics of merchandising are distilled into its unholy essence. Click here for a whole list of Penny Arcade comics that feature the Merch character.

My second t-shirt is the Fruit Fucker shirt (I got the guy's t-shirt, but it's no longer available in the catalog). The FruitFucker was first mentioned in an early issue of Penny Arcade, which was then followed by this explanatory comic (above). Since then, Fruit Fucker has made repeat appearances, including his own story line and an appearance at thanksgiving. Check out this link for a list of Penny Arcade comics featuring this character.

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Mr Period! This guy was first featured in an early episode of Penny Arcade, where the authors tried to improve the level of punctuation and grammar in forum discussion boards (with all the irony/hopelessness that implies). Several years later, Mr. Period returned, with increased profanity. The t-shirt I have features the row of characters at bottom of the image above on a white background. Click here for a list of all comics with Mr. Period & Co. Oh, and here's another one that wasn't on that list.

Also, for good measure, click here for a list of all Penny Arcade comics that feature the word/theme "penis." You know you want to.


So I was supposed to go out tonight to see Adam X with Laurent and his crew, but in the end my failure to go out was overdetermined (link warning: inelegant definition). I went for dinner to a colleague's house along with DJ and several other folks. Dinner was lovely, but I had at least a litre of wine. Also, dinner ended pretty late (around midnight), so by the time I got home, changed, and got ready to go out again, I had missed the last subway into town. In addition to all of that, I just wasn't feeling well (i.e., not just tipsy), so I sent off another apologetic email, swore to myself that I would not overbook my evenings in the future, and went to bed.

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