samedi, janvier 13, 2007

No Rex for Luis

Today was one of those days where I expected to be full of things to do, but in the end I did something approaching nothing. Indeed, I did catch up on a bit of blogging, I did take care of some email correspondence that was backing up, and I went shopping and cooked a little bit. On the other hand, I also wasted a lot of time.

To begin with, I got home at 7am, which meant that I was sort of blinking my eyes around midday. I finally got myself together around 13h00 and dragged myself in front of my computer. After being productive for a little while, I discovered this website called Glath. This thing is magical. It's essentially a consolidator of links to video-hosting sites that provide TV shows. At this point, it's mostly animation (which is TOTALLY my bag), which means that I've caught up with the most recent episodes of Drawn Together, South Park, Moral Orel, and Robot Chicken. I've reviewed and admired Clone High, and I've discovered Metalocalypse. Needless to say, this sucked many many hours out of my day (as it will yours if you're TV-less like me).

Sometime in the afternoon, I sauntered out and hit the grocery store. At first, I was only getting some more Diet Coke (or coca light as they call it here), but the lines were so long, I just decided to shop around for a few more things I needed. Not surprisingly, a couple of bars of chocolate made their way into my basket. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity in line, I made my way home.

I had some penne that needed to be finished in order to make room for the rotini I bought, so I set that to boil and pulled out the duck breast I had bought the day before. It still had the skin on (which meant there was a fair bit of flavourful duckfat hidden in there), and the flesh was an amazingly dark red. I melted a mix of butter and oil, browned both sides of the breast, and then set it to pan-fry over medium heat, covered. Once a fair bit of fat had been released, I dumped in about 3/4 cup of my mango salsa and mixed it into the molten fat, letting the sugars in the mango turn the whole thing into a glaze. Once that was done, I took out the breast, sliced it up nicely, and then tossed the pasta into the pan with the mango-duckfat glaze and tossed them together. All in all, a very satisfying meal. I was amazed, however, at how much blood was sitting in that duck's breast. Clearly, this was not halal meat. Even though the duck meat was only slightly pink at the centre (I prefer it that way, to preserve some moisture), it created it's own little red puddle in the dish as it waited for the pasta.

At about this point in the evening, I was still planning to go out to the Rex to catch Gaiser, which I had been planning to do all week. I had felt tired and lethargic all day, but I was hoping that this meal (plus a lot of caffeine) would give me the energy to go back out tonight. Not so much. I ate, watched a couple more episodes of cartoons on Glath, and then packed up and headed to bed. I tried to imagine myself changing my clothes, getting on the subway, dealing with the lines inside and outside the Rex, paying an exorbitant amount of money for tiny drinks, and I finally decided that it didn't sound like fun. Nonetheless, here's the flyer for the event; let's just pretend I went.

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