lundi, janvier 08, 2007

"Get Crap Done" Day

My plan for the day was as follows: breeze through a truncated day at work (Mondays are my "light" days for very good reasons (see yesterday), head straight home, clean up, do the dishes, finally put away the crap I brought back from vacation, settle my Xmas credit card bills, transfer money to my French and Canadian bank accounts, and answer all my outstanding email.

However, there was a wrench thrown into my plans, which came in the form of a voice message on my cell phone as I got out of the shower. There was a student waiting for me at work with a substantial computer problem that was probably going to require taking apart the laptop. Now, the time has come for me to put the lid back on my work-related blogging, so I'll just say that the problem could've been much worse, but nonetheless I was at work for nearly twice as long as I had expected. Oy!

I raced home, stopping by the grocery store to get some fixings for a salad, and then headed off home. I managed to take care of a great deal of the things on my list, but I was up into the wee hours of the evening, putting crap away and washing dishes. Alas, my day wasn't particularly exciting, but there was a certain satisfaction to getting my apartment back in order, especially because I left it in a bit of a mess when I departed for the holidays.

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