mardi, novembre 07, 2006

France's doors are trying to kill me

NOTE: Backfill blogging is done! Check out my entries for Saturday-Monday below.

Hi all, sorry I haven't been keeping you in the loop. Don't be mad at me. I hate it when we fight. Now dinner is ruined! *sob*

Seriously, tho, I have a conference paper coming up and Murphy's Law has totally kicked in as far as distracting events are concerned. I'm determined to do some intensive blogging tomorrow to get me back up to speed. In the meanwhile, here's something to tide you over:

France's doors are trying to kill me. In N. America, most exterior doors open towards the exterior. That means that entering a building involves pulling, and going outside involves pushing. In France, I'm slowly (and painfully) realizing that it's the other way around. This only makes for mild embarrassment when I'm entering a building ("why doesn't this !@#$ing thing open?"), but physical pain is added on the way out (*thwack!*). I believe it is a conspiracy by French people to make N. Americans look dumb...although I don't see why they needed to go to all that trouble; I get the impression that most French folks made up their mind well before I smacked my head into their door.

2 commentaires:

Mom a dit…

By the time you get used to them, you will be packing to move back to Chicago!



LMGM a dit…

Yes, and then I can make a fool of myself for months in North America! I don't know how much more blunt force trauma my head can take...