lundi, mars 23, 2009

You is my candy ho

[If you've ever read Happy Noodle Boy, just replace "candy" with "elf" in the title to understand where this came from.]

After a relatively unexciting (but frustrating) day at work, I headed off to my favourite chocolate/candy shop in Paris, à l’Étoile d’Or by Denise Acabo. I’ve described this place before on this blog, so I’m not going to repeat my description of the store and it’s delightfully eccentric owner. Suffice it to say that I left with:

  • 100%-cocoa Bernachon chocolate
  • Bernachon’s caramel-filled chocolate bar (Kalouga)
  • One of the last “Porcelana” bars from Chocolat Bonnat
  • A bar of Bonnat’s amazing 65% “half-dark” milk chocolate bars
  • Candied violet petals
  • Candied acacia petals
  • A stack of caramels from Monsieur Guénin (the softest and richest caramels I’ve ever had)

So, yeah. That’s how I roll when I go candy-shopping in Paris. And let’s not get started with the macarons.

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Carolyn's a dit…

Oh my gosh, Denise Acabo is the most wonderful little be-pigtailed lady in the world. And the chocolate? Well, that goes without saying....