samedi, janvier 10, 2009

Gas-gettin' and music-makin'

Etude 004: SCIENCE! Lab edition

After finally getting a good night’s sleep, I started today with the realization that I had no cooking gas, and that I would need to lug the butane keg down all 6 flights of stairs, over to the guy who refills them, and then back up those same 6 flights of stairs. Perhaps understandably, I procrastinated a bit and took some time to eat a quasi-breakfast at a leisurely pace; but my need to make a pot of tea overcame me and I finally put myself together and headed downstairs with the butane keg. The whole thing did indeed suck a whole lot, but at least it was done.

I went out again to get some ingredients for a soup stock, and then got some sushi to-go from a nearby restaurant for lunch. After eating my sushi at home and checking up on my emails, I started making soup. The plan was to use the frozen carcass of the duck we ate for Christmas Eve dinner and simmer it with soup-stock vegetables for several hours. Then the plan was to strain the stock and throw in a couple of handfuls of rice to make congee, my favourite Chinese comfort food (yes, it’s rice-based gruel; stop looking at me like that). The stock came out fantastically, partially thanks to the sheer amount of vegetable cuttings I put in there, but also I think partially due to the turnip that I put in there, which seemed to dissolve and thicken the soup a bit.

Anyway, aside from spending the whole day cooking, I also spent a large part of the day putting together another “etude” track using field recordings from a science lab (downloaded from the generous folks at FoundSound, again). Yay, productive weekend!

Oh wait…right; my dissertation.

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