mercredi, janvier 14, 2009

Fish! It's what's for dinner.

Meh, nothing much to report today. I ended up staying rather late working on some stuff for work (for which I should be taking a day off, dammit) and then went home and made delicious, delicious fish for dinner. I baked a maigre (meagre) fish, which is a Mediterranean/Atlantic fish similar to a bass. Anyway, I baked it en papillote (sealed in parchment paper) with some lime juice, olive oil, onions, fennel, and garlic, which was delicious…but I messed up and pulled it out of the oven too soon. The upside was that the flesh close to the surface of the fish was stunningly delicious and perfectly cooked. Alas, the stuff closer to the spine was somewhere between “sushi” and “undercooked.” My solution was to eat all of the cooked parts of the fish, snap off the head (and throw it away), and then put the remaining carcass in a skillet to fry with some oil. I actually got a nice bit of browning on the remaining flesh, and as it cooked I flaked the flesh off of the spine, so that I was able to remove the skeleton altogether and throw it away. I added back the cooking vegetables and the drippings from the pan and kept it simmering until the drippings had reduced to a sauce. The result was a sort of tasty, tasty fish curry. Not bad. I have another fish in the fridge for tomorrow, so I’ll try the papillote method again and post the recipe.

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