vendredi, novembre 21, 2008

French Pizza and Dodgy Copyright

So I went to the BnF (the national French library) this morning at 9h00, and I was there until nearly 20h00. Lots of work got done, but I left tired and starving. I ordered pizza from a local pizza chain called Speed Rabbit. The pizza was surprisingly good (and the selection of French-influenced topics is great—crème fraiche and gruyere cheese, anyone?), but I want to point something out. Take a look at the “mascots” of the pizza chain:

OK, come guys. If you’re going to rip off Bugs Bunny and the female lead from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you could at least be subtle about it. Jeez.

2 commentaires:

Humingway a dit…

This reminds me of Lauren's favorite moving company, Spider Movers! Tragically, their website seems to be down, but it featured a picture of the Chicago skyline with a translucent Spiderman superimposed.
Their mission statement was endearingly garbled as well: "We Care For Your Belongs As Ours. Becuase We Know How Valuable Is Your Stuff. Don't Sweat We Can Help You."

LMGM a dit…

Awww, they know how valuable is my stuff! I'm glad someone does.