vendredi, octobre 24, 2008

Valley of the Loire...and Pizza Hut

Today, I got up at 5h00. Yes, that’s right. 5am. 5 in the morning.

I was to work as a chaperone for the UofC trip to the Loire valley today. The itinerary was for a day-trip to Blois and Chambord or, to be more precise, to the castles located at both of these towns in the Loire valley. I took my camera, with a freshly-recharged battery, and then totally forgot to take pictures. It’s always a bit stressful when you’re in charge of a group, so I was never really in the mind to whip out my camera and snap pics.

So, no photo evidence of today’s trip. Also, I’m sticking to my policy of not blogging in detail about “work,” so all I’ll say about the trip was that the castles were lovely, but I really don’t enjoy being a chaperone for a tour group.

We got home at about 19h00 and I had plans to go out, but I was just too tired from being on the run for more than 12 hours. So called around and cancelled my plans, and then ordered some pizza. Yes, I ordered pizza delivery in Paris. And just to make it completely ironic, I actually ordered from Pizza Hut.

Actually, the Pizza Hut grub here in France is better than what you would get in the US. They use a blend of French and Swiss cheeses, so the pizza is much more fragrant than the “cheez” mix you usually get on pizzas in the states. The dough was a bit overly wet, and the “stuffed crust” was horribly disappointing, but the toppings were tasty and the whole thing was quite edible. The mozzarella breadsticks, though, were kinda “meh.”

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