jeudi, octobre 09, 2008

Kate Simko at Léopard

Well, I had totally forgotten to post my pictures from the Richie Hawtin / Minus label night last Sunday, so here’s one photo that I took that seemed to capture the madness of the event:

Anyway, most of my day today was pretty unexciting, but toward the end of the evening I went out to Café Léopard to meet a friend from Chicago, Kate Simko, who is a DJ and Producer that has been gaining attention with her most recent release and an interview on Resident Advisor. She was passing through Paris between her weekend in Berlin and an upcoming date spinning at Fabric in London (this Saturday).

She got a gig spinning Thursday night at Le Léopard café, which was kinda ridiculous. There were maybe 15 people in the whole café, the sound system was tinny and low-fi, she barely had any monitor to work with, and so on. The next day, as I talked with my Parisian friends that are in the scene here, all of them had the same reaction, “What was she doing at Le Léopard?!” Make no mistake, the next time Kate passes through Paris, I’m going to make sure she plays at a place that’s more her speed.

Nonetheless, she made the best of her less-than-optimal conditions, and I have the perky photo to prove it:

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