mardi, septembre 23, 2008

Tracks that I heard everywhere in Berlin

OK, today’s activities were relatively unexciting for you blog readers: I worked, I took care of some basic grocery shopping, I wrestled with getting the WiFi to work, and I had a very hard time finding some US→France electrical adapters. Then I went to sleep. Oh, and at some point I got some Chinese take-out that was pretty disappointing.

So, to make up for the boringness of today, here’s a selection of “Greatest Hits of Berlin Summer of 2008,” in order of my personal preference.

NOTE: For this first track, you need to wait until at least the 4'00" mark to hear the sample that makes this track work, and until 5'00" or so for the full groove to come in. Try to listen on a stereo with a lot of bass for maximum effect. Also, I hear that the female vocal sample comes from a 1988 Vanessa Williams track, called "The Right Stuff."


NOTE AGAIN: This track has about 1.5 minutes of build-up before everything kicks in.


There’s also this track by Stimming, called “Una Pena,” which was reviewed on Little White Earbuds and includes a full version of the track that you can listen to. You can read the comments at the end of the post to watch various EDM nerds fight about which track is already played out. If you want to hear the “Trompeta” track that they are totally hating on (by SIS, the same guy that did the first track in this post), you can listen to it here.

And, for those who missed it the first time around, here’s a link to that Resident Advisor Podcast of Stimming, which includes “Una Pena” and a bunch of other tracks that I’m totally loving.

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