vendredi, septembre 19, 2008

No show tonight

Again, a short entry for today, and for the same reasons. Saturday was SUPER busy, and I don’t really have the time to blog Friday in detail. Anyway, Friday was a pretty boring day. I slept in after my busy night on Thursday, then spent a large part of the day working on my blog notes for Thursday and doing laundry. Voila!

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Kristy a dit…

Seriously though, it must be kinda nice to know that your nights will be wrapping up at about 6am, as opposed to 4pm the following day! Is you body clock adjusting any??

LMGM a dit…

I know! 6am now seems totally doable. At around this time 2 years ago, anything past 3 or 4am seemed totally unreasonable. Thankfully I've arranged my work hours in such a way that I can wake up around 9h00 during the week, and I keep myself up until at least 1h00 every night, so it's not quite as difficult to stay up during the weekends.