lundi, septembre 29, 2008

More shit hits the fan

So this is another case of a day that was totally taken over by “current events.” I came home from a relatively tiring day of work, planning to get some dissertation work done and maybe relax a bit.

Instead, I got home and turned on the TV to discover that the bill proposing the financial rescue plan in the US had been defeated in the House of Congress, which was a surprise. After a week of super-intensive work on this plan, under the threat of a economic meltdown, this bill was supposed to pass ASAP.

Anyway, this political implosion was just breaking as I turned on the TV—CNN was broadcasting the eerie silence on the Congress floor as the votes were still being counted—so I spent the rest of the night watching the drama unfold. Oh, and maybe I blogged a bit. But mostly I just watched the DRAMA.

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