dimanche, août 17, 2008

Sunday, now with less activity!

OK, here’s how Sunday went. I’m keeping this in point-form, because I was probably awake for all of 6 hours:

  • I woke up around 20h00, and my roommate, bless his soul, had waited for me to wake up to go out for dinner. What a gentleman.
  • We headed out to a Vietnamese place called Ha My, which was just on the other end of Hermannplatz. Delicious.
  • While at the restaurant, I tried to ask in German if they made avocado shakes, and the guy looked at me as if I was asking for a horseradish sundae. Huh.
  • Went home, answered some emails, fretted about my upcoming apartment-hunting trip, and tried to get to sleep early, so that I’ll be able to get up for my 7am flight Tuesday.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

ah... bon courage pour cette recherche d'appartement.
Et n'oublie pas : I had a “certain energy” about me that made me easy to remember"
tu pourras me refiler les adresses du french crew? J'ai perdu les adresses que je t'avais filé.

LMGM a dit…

merci mon p'tit David! Je t'enverrai les adresses bientôt.
bises, Luis

Kristy a dit…

I know I said I'm open to all kinds of foods these days, but I'm pretty sure avocado shake will not be on the list. I'm with the guy at the restaurant.