dimanche, août 24, 2008

Sunday drinks, post-mortem

Well, considering how short my Sundays usually are, this one was pretty good. I got home around 13h00 and got to sleep, asking my buddy that was going to Bar25 to beep me when he was thinking of heading out. By about 19h00, that plan turned into an invitation to have a drink at his place, so me and Fantômette met him at his place for some drinks and some chit-chat. Since all three of us had been living in Berlin since about the beginning of July, it was fun for us to compare notes and talk about which clubs we liked best, which nights were the most memorable, and so on.

By about midnight, Fantômette and I were fading fast and our host was ready for a night out at Bar25. If we had headed out earlier, I would’ve been game, but at this time of night I was just too beat. The fact that I’ve been here for a limited time (i.e., 2 months) has kept a sword of Damocles above me head, which has driven me to go out way more often and way longer than I usually do. It’s been fun, but my body is beginning to lose patience with me.

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